Professional Learning

Educators within Adventist schools are committed to lifelong learning. Initiatives that are being rolled out within Adventist Schools support this ideal and the following programs are well utilised by teachers and leaders within the system.

Adventist Identity Professional Standards for Teachers

Professional practice within an Adventist school requires commitment to and compliance with the Adventist Identity Professional Stanards for Teachers. These are established as supplementary requirements to the AITSL National Professional Standards for Teachers and clarify the additional expectations that are imposed on classroom teachers within Adventist Schools Australia.

These standards focus on:

  • the teacher’s knowledge of how students learn about God
  • the teacher’s knowledge of the Bible and its teachings
  • the teacher’s reflection of an Adventist Christian worldview
  • the teacher’s ability to integrate faith and learning in the classroom
  • the teacher’s promotion of a student’s place in a community of faith and learning
  • the teacher’s engagement in Christian professional practice
  • the teacher’s consistent practice as it relates to the mission and ethos of the school.

Download a copy of the Adventist Identity Professional Standards for Teachers - a supplement to the AITSL Standards

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