Aspiring Leaders Program

In a joint venture with Avondale College of Higher Education a new program was initiated in 2012 to allow potential administrators of the future to have exposure to and interaction with a program to entice school personnel into thinking about future leadership.

The program in 2012, when accompanied by the completion of two Avondale College of Higher Education assignments, gained credit status for one unit of the Master of Education award given by Avondale College.

This program is a four-day dormitory program and incorporates the following but is not limited to these items:

  • Casting a vision for Adventist education in Australia
  • Reflections of an effective leader
  • Clarifying the need for leaders
  • Research about effective leadership styles
  • Building capacity: Communication; Relationships
  • Proactive leadership
  • The power of teamwork and collaboration
  • Life and family balance in leadership

The Aspiring Leaders program is currently run every two years on an even year cycle. To register for this program make contact with your school principal and your director of education.

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