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Love shows itself best in service to others and is portrayed with wide recognition in the great LOVE chapter of Scripture

1 Corinthians 13.

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The excellence of God is His moral perfection. Jesus Christ presented Himself as a sacrifice 'without spot or blemish'. As God's children, we are called to mirror His attributes and character.

Excellence is recognising that the world sees Jesus through us and therefore we do our very best in our work, our play and our relationships. It is not about trying to be better than anyone else, but about giving the best we can in everything we do. It means doing our best at everything we are asked to do, not because we want honour for ourselves, but because we want to bring honour to God.

This value matches Excellence in the Values for Australian Schooling.


God is the ultimate example of compassion. The ultimate, all-powerful, one and only supreme Being in the universe took on the form of His created beings and died a horrible death on a cross because He loved them so much and could not bear to see them perish.

Compassion is caring and sharing because another person really matters to you. It is more than a feeling. It is an action.

This value matches Care and Compassion in the Values for Australian Schooling.


It is in Jesus that we find God's humility expressed. Through His birth in human form and hanging on the cross we observe the greatest expression of God's humility and love for us. Jesus lived His life, not for self, but for the Father.

Humility is accepting that you are not always the most important person and that there is always something more to learn. People who are humble do not draw attention to themselves. Neither do they try to destroy others with their words. Humble people also do not put themselves down.

This value is additional to the Values for Australian Schooling.


God's greatest demonstration of respect is that He gives us free choice. He does not force our will but respects our decisions. He deals with us with compassion and faithfulness.

Respect is an attitude of treating others how we would like to be treated. It is always followed by action. It is more than knowing what is right. It involves doing what is right.

This value matches Respect in the Values for Australian Schooling.


God is the ultimate example of integrity. There is no disharmony in God. God's thoughts, words and actions are consistent with His character.

Integrity occurs when our thoughts, our feelings, our words and our actions are all in harmony with what we claim to believe. It means we are people of our word.

This value matches Integrity and Honesty and Trustworthiness in the Values for Australian Schooling.


Justice is one of God's characteristics and flows out of His holiness. Justice means 'rightness'. We can only understand God's justice when we understand sin, which stands for everything contrary to God's holy nature. Therefore sin is a crime against God and His justice demands a penalty. God's justice met with His mercy and love at the cross, through the death of His Son. As beings created in His image, we also long for moral and social justice for all people.

Justice is doing what is right and in the best interests of people, especially those people who are exploited, disadvantaged, or who have no voice of their own.

This value matches Freedom and Understanding, Tolerance and Inclusion in the Values for Australian Schooling.


God is all-wise and all-knowing because He can see the end from the beginning, In His love, God created the power of choice as His ultimate gift for us. We have the freedom to accept or reject the omnipotent One.

Discernment is being able to recognise and make wise life choices. It involves understanding God's plan for happy living and making choices that will help us live the lives God intends for us. Discernment recognises the gift of freedom God gives us and our responsibility to learn to use that gift wisely.

This value matches Freedom in the Values for Australian Schooling.


God is not a disinterested bystander. Rather, He accepts responsibility for the eradication of sin from the universe. Until that time, He stands by His people with unfailing love. This means He never lets us down and He is always there.

Responsibility means that people can rely on you to keep your word. It means that you are prepared to admit mistakes and take steps to make things right.

This value matches Responsibility in the Values for Australian Schooling.


Hope is a fundamental component of God's character as it is what gives meaning to life. God, who is omniscient, is justified in having a confident expectation of restoration for this earth and its inhabitants. Therefore , He is the God of hope.

Hope is feeling confident about the future. It means we remain calm and joyful even when we face the unknown. Hope helps us to be optimistic about life and to see a good outcome, even when bad things happen to us. Hope is looking forward to when Jesus returns to make everything new again.

This value is additional to the Values for Australian Schooling.

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