Current Vacancies

Last updated 19 September 2019

Unless specified otherwise, all vacancies listed on this page are for the 2020 school year.

Written applications or expressions of interest should be forwarded to the National Office (download an employment application form), or in the case of current employees considering an internal transfer, to the State director of education listed below. Please note that the employer reserves the right to fill this position prior to any stated closing date.


Adventist Schools Australia

Dr Daryl Murdoch (send a message online)


Greater Sydney

Dr Jean Carter (send a message online)

Year 2 Primary (maternity leave position, Term 4 2019 to Term 1 2020) Mountain View Adventist College (Sydney)
Head of Junior School Wahroonga Adventist School (Sydney)
Head of Middle School Wahroonga Adventist School (Sydney)
Senior English, Drama Wahroonga Adventist School (Sydney)
Food Technology, Textiles & Design Wahroonga Adventist School (Sydney)
Industrial Technology Wahroonga Adventist School (Sydney)
Secondary Information Technology Wahroonga Adventist School (Sydney)
LOTE (part-time position) Wahroonga Adventist School (Sydney)
Mathematics Wahroonga Adventist School (Sydney)
Secondary Physics Wahroonga Adventist School (Sydney)
Studies of Religion (part-time position) Wahroonga Adventist School (Sydney)

Northern Australia

Mr Jack Ryan (send a message online)

Lower Primary Cairns Adventist Christian School
Design Technologies, Physical Education Carlisle Adventist Christian College (Mackay)
General Subjects (Music, Junior English, Bible, Drama) Carlisle Adventist Christian College (Mackay)
Information/Digital Technologies, Junior Mathematics Carlisle Adventist Christian College (Mackay)
Principal Riverside Adventist Christian School (Townsville)

North New South Wales

Mr Dean Bennetts (send a message online)

Secondary Business Studies, Legal Studies and/or Economics Central Coast Adventist School (Erina)
Secondary Senior English Central Coast Adventist School (Erina)
Primary (multiple positions across numerous grades) Kempsey Adventist School
Secondary English (HOD position possible) Kempsey Adventist School
Secondary Science (Mathematics advantageous) Kempsey Adventist School
VET Primary Industries (Horticulture), Agriculture (other subject areas advantageous) Kempsey Adventist School
Kindergarten (two-year contract) Macquarie College (Newcastle)
Project Based Learning Program, Years 4 and 5 (two-year contract) Macquarie College (Newcastle)

South Australia

Mr Steve Cowley (send a message online)

Secondary History, Physical Education Prescott College (Adelaide)
Primary (Foundation) Prescott Primary Northern (Adelaide)
Primary (Year 5) Prescott College Southern (Adelaide)
English, Drama (Years 7-9) Prescott College Southern (Adelaide)
English, Humanities (Years 9-10) Prescott College Southern (Adelaide)
Secondary Mathematics, Science Prescott College Southern (Adelaide)
Religion (Years 9-12) Prescott College Southern (Adelaide)

South New South Wales

Dr Jean Carter (send a message online)

Science, Senior Biology Border Christian College (Albury)

South Queensland

Mr Jack Ryan (send a message online)

Lower Primary Brisbane Adventist College
Secondary Mathematics, Science Brisbane Adventist College
Deputy Principal (includes some senior classes, subject/s negotiable) Noosa Christian College
Secondary Mathematics (Maths Methods and Junior Maths), commencing Term 4, 2019 (8 October 2019) Noosa Christian College (Cooroy)
Senior Mathematics Noosa Christian College (Cooroy)
Deputy Principal Secondary for 2020 Northpine Christian College (Brisbane)
Senior Mathematics, Mathematics (with potential to become HOD from 2021) Northpine Christian College (Brisbane)
Junior and Senior Drama (12-month maternity leave position) Northpine Christian College (Brisbane)
English, History, Bible (requires capability to teach at senior level) Northpine Christian College (Brisbane)


Mr Lyndon Chapman (send a message online)

Lower/Middle Primary Hilliard Christian School (Hobart)
Senior Secondary Mathematics, Science Hilliard Christian School (Hobart)
Upper Primary/Middle School (0.5 FTE) North West Christian School (Penguin)


Mr Brian Mercer (send a message online)

Primary (fixed term contract) Edinburgh College (Melbourne)
Science, Biology Edinburgh College (Melbourne)
Head of Secondary Gilson College Taylors Hill (Melbourne)
Lower Primary Gilson College Taylors Hill (Melbourne)
Secondary Chemistry, Science Gilson College Taylors Hill (Melbourne)
Senior English Gilson College Taylors Hill (Melbourne)
English, French Gilson College Taylors Hill (Melbourne)
Physical Education Gilson College Taylors Hill (Melbourne)
Prep/Year 1 (12-month contract) Heritage College Officer (Melbourne)
Primary (Year 5/6) Heritage College Officer (Melbourne)
Primary Performing Arts (0.6 FTE) Heritage College (Melbourne)
Principal (50% Primary, 50% Secondary) Nunawading Christian College (Primary and Secondary) - (Melbourne)
Visual Art, Years 7-12 Nunawading Christian College (Melbourne)

Western Australia

Mrs Rhonda Belson (send a message online)

Principal Karalundi Aboriginal Education Community Aboriginal Corporation (Independent Entity based in Western Australia)

New Zealand Vacancies

Mr Dan Carrasco (send a message online)
Head of Primary - applications close 4 October 2019 Christchurch Adventist School
Primary (Years 1-8) - applications close 4 October 2019 Christchurch Adventist School
English (Years 9-13), Social Studies (Years 9-10) - applications close 27 September 2019 Christchurch Adventist School
History (Years 11-13), Te Reo Maori - applications close 27 September 2019 Christchurch Adventist School
Biology, Chemistry (Years 9-13) - applications close 25 October 2019 Longburn Adventist College (Palmerston North)
Primary (Years 1-4), 0.6FTE - applications close 27 September 2019 Rotorua Seventh-day Adventist School
Primary (Years 6-8) - applications close 20 September 2019 South Auckland Seventh-day Adventist School
Primary (Years 4-8 composite class) Waitakere Adventist School
Primary Principal's Release (Years 5-8), 0.5FTE Waitakere Adventist School
Primary (Years 1-4) - applications close 18 October 2019 Whakatane Seventh-day Adventist School


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